Case Study

Always learning as a true Australian farmer: one middle-aged Jackaroo, in eighteen months showing great aptitude, work ethic and response to kindly direction has completely turned his life around. He has converted his mode of living from a salaried urban dwelling consumer/tradesman construction worker to become a rural dwelling producer/natural farmer, earning his own money.

He is now out of debt, built his own comfortable accommodation, wood working and metal working shops, ‘created’ his own mini market garden with plants and animals living together on the same land, supplying food for himself and the farm family. Restored falling down wire fence lines with multi-species food producing hedge rows (Forage-hedge rows). Built his own value adding produce and local marketing enterprise that financially supports himself and the farm family as well as learned the unique disciplines of natural property management under multi species decision making, quite stock handling, animal and plant species propagation and selection, forest regeneration and management as well as learning integrated profitable inter grassland productive cropping and grazing methods. All of which also regenerate land and water systems profitably, even under severe drought conditions.