About Paul Newell

Paul Newell’s working lifetime of experimenting on the land, includes research with the NSW Department of Agriculture into multi specie crop and pasture practices in farming.  For the past twenty years Paul has carried out research privately on various regional and family farming properties, into natural farming methodology, practical farm management, practice adaptations, education, training and implementation programs of “Landsmanship” principles as teacher / trainer / consultant in applied ecology.

He has maintained his focus on the intense study of “Evolution Ecology” contributed greatly to “Restoration Ecology”, innovative practices, “increasing” agri-ecosystem function and processes, species ecological roles and behaviour, human ecological skills, natural soil formation, the scientific understanding of whole of valley landscape ecology, particularly the understanding of the ephemeral nature of our Australian farming valley land and water “ecosystems”  at scale, and their self-sustaining regeneration, as natural “self repair” with self replacing soil, plants, animals, wild life, energy, water and habitat in common for all species present, at low monetary cost.