Land-Share Education and Training – Perpetual Trust

The Vision

Help expand the efforts of the existing and successful Landsmanship Land-share Education and Training Perpetual Trust as a ‘live-in’ learning community. Based upon Agrarian Science that teaches how to reclaim the future of Australian farming communities, by enabling Nature to heal itself productively, using plant/animal systems.


  • More: Ecological Skills.
  • More: Landscape Literacy.
  • More: Agrarian Science.
  • Learning by doing.

Members of the land trust wish to expand to a dynamic live-in place of higher learning where the only degree achieved is personal success at ‘grass roots’ level. The ‘Land Trust’, is teaching the application of “Landsmanship” principles that people ‘living on the land’ can witness, experience, practice and benefit from, first hand, while sharing land and resources.

Proceeds of this land based project will go towards the purchase of more degraded lands and land-share education/training/practice by the trust as the core business and sole purpose of the trust.

…People as Nature’s Steward, Living on the Land

“LANDSMANSHIP” is Stewardship of self-organising land and water systems as Restoration Ecology in practice. Nature is our servant if we are Nature’s steward.

Paul Newell is now expanding the land of the family farm that is held without any debt, to develop at a larger scale, a live-in Landsmanship Self-Resourcing Agrarian community open to all people interested in learning how to farm self-sustainably under Australian conditions. This expansion of larger scale land held in perpetuity by a land-share trust, requires the immediate purchase of neighbouring dysfunctional land by the Landsmanship, Land Share, Education and Training Perpetual Trust.

The additional land will be restored into a larger fully functional and productive enterprise as more people learn the arts of harnessing Nature to farm naturally to produce self-resourcing landscapes, as has been now achieved with existing Newell family owned lands. Proceeds of this project will go towards the purchase and ownership by the trust of more degraded lands and land-share education/training/practice by the trust as the core business and sole purpose of the trust, encapsulated in its name.

…The Champion

Paul Newell and his farming family have developed expertise in the arts and crafts of rural living over generational time, produced their own food, water, soil and energy as well as breeding their own crop plant varieties and flocks and herds of grazing animals suited to their region and purpose, breed their own productive calm disposition productive honey bees, and propagate their own verities of farm food plants, grasses, shrubs and trees.

Landsmanship Paul Newell LandRestoration

The Newell family as well have also restored their own forests, grassy woodlands, crop lands and grass lands and are already training apprentices over five year periods as jackaroos and short term farming business partners using land-share/resource share principles, on their own family farm land and on other partnering landholders land. Each short term Jackaroo and partner are both sharing land resources, as well as learning and operating independent enterprises that value add to the abundant produce of the family farm that in turn supports all the ‘self-replacing soils, water, plants, animals and as well the people together on the farmed land based ecosystem, as a happy, healthy, biologically sound community.

The business of learning

Land-share, education and training in “LANDSMANSHIP” is a self-funding profitable enterprise and is of benefit to the farm, the people and the Australian nation as a whole.

It takes five years to train a competent “LANDSMAN”. Once fully trained these partners are able to farm independently, profitably and enjoyably with their own resources without restraint, anywhere within Australia they chose, at any scale they chose, to further restore the ecosystem of rural Australia for their own families with a surplus of produce over for others.

Share of the Earth

The present aim of “The Landsmanship Land Share, Education and Training Perpetual Trust” is to create a more substantial place of learning where many people can learn and benefit from direct hands on practice, under carful direction that will not only share the land and worthwhile farm business and ecological skills, but also share the fruits of all productive community labour on the land from which all self-replacing natural resources are derived.

Our dream is to be able to pass on this Ecological Understanding, knowledge, biobank and ecologically sound systems to present and future generations so they can thrive and discover true wealth.

What is needed at this present critical time are the funds to purchase the next-door property where we can adopt, practice, accommodate and expand, by teaching and doing at scale, these essential ecological skills, too educate many more interested self-resourcing people learning together, as a dynamic community.


It is this ability to ‘self-resource’ in functional ecosystems that is the challenge for Western culture in our modern day world. Where money needs only to be regarded as currency, not wealth, where land-share and partnership principles apply, where primary production is grown and used locally and profitably, without industrial processing, where local people make everything they need from local sources, including their own comfortable accommodation in and from the earth. Also where rural people produce their own energy, habitat and education from their own local resources and no money is spent on imported expensive ‘in-put’ to the common functional local healthy ecosystem.

…Time limit

We are running out of time to restore our land and water system in Australia as we are already having shortages of water, energy, food and the decline of health of our people. And too our climate is also already compromised and in rapid functional decline.

Support the Landsmanship Trust

If you are interested in supporting by funding, partnering, visiting and or taking part as a live-in learner in this project, please contact us. And also if you wish to learn more and or contribute to “The Landsmanship Land-Share, Education and Training Perpetual Trust”, we can together, all farm rural Australia and our people back to prosperous health at a faster rate, for the benefit of all Australians independently of the inappropriate cultural thinking that has made dysfunctional, our common landscape.